The Path

Little Star
1 min readMar 14, 2021

Holding a torch in my hand following the broken path, keeping my steps to avoid broken glass along the way, and getting into depth of the dark forest.

Hardly breathe, my heart screams inside

I’m here, “Home”.

Ultimately, I find this place, your homeland. I see the place that I have been missing lately…

Guiding my feet closer,
Never thought that I could come to see this place again.

My dying soul starts bleeding,
Tears falls down through my pallid face,
“You are not here”
That word utters out of my lip, I smile bitterly.

Dusts scattered around,
Vacant, deserted with no light,
In ruins.

You said, “The doors are always open for you to visit and wander around”, but who would open the doors when you are not here?

Every path is leading back to you and I though our safe place has been ruined and no more doors that could welcome me.